Our vision

In the era of pre-industrial agriculture it went without saying, that the natural means of production had to be handled in a sustainable and harmonic way, as well as to respect the cycles of nature.

Modern, industrial agriculture has pushed aside this old knowledge for the greater part and substituted it with artificial, performance-optimizing single-solutions. By doing so, the natural cycles got out of balance. One result is the continued increase of environmental problems.

GeoFert combines the knowlede of the cycles of nature with the requirements of modern, state-of-the-art food production:

GeoFert´s key platform technology is micro-bacterial, organic soil improvement.

Starting from there, GeoFert offers a variaty of additional appliances in the agriculture of the future. Be it the enhancement of animal health with feed-additives or the improvement of plant- and soil health by minimizing the use of mineral fertilizers. Our products also contribute to the improvement of the energy- and climate balance by optimizing the process of bio-gas production.

The GeoFert solutions aim at reconciling industrial agriculture with the sustainable cycles of nature, without having to take any efficiancy- or effectiveness-losses.

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