What is GeoHumat?

GeoHumat is an organic-mineralic fertilizer on the basis of humins, which is offered by us in various forms and concentrations.

What is it used for?

GeoHumat can be used for all kind of plants, either by treating the soil before sowing or by spraying it directly onto the plants.

What effect does it have on plants and flowers?

The active components of GeoHumat result in:

  • Increase of the plants metabolism
  • Increase of the absorbtion of nutrients by the plant
  • Increased rate of photosynthesis
  • Increased yield (up to 15%)
  • The soil having a darker colour, which results in a higher soil temperature, hence stimulating the plants
  • Speeding up the sprouting process of the seeds

The farmer can reduce the amount of nitrate fertilizer and manure needed, up to 30 per cent.

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