The soil-improvement agent BactoFert ist the innovation in the field of fertilizers and environmentally friendly soil-regeneration.

  • BactoFert is used in conventional agriculture instead of mineral fertilizers..
  • BactoFert is used in organic agriculture as an highly efficiant organic fertilizer.

BactoFert consists of three main components:

  1. Micro-organisms from the root zone of the plant (rhizosphere)
  2. Organic material
  3. The natural mineral Zeolite/Clinoptilolite

Working principle 1:

BactoFert introduces useful microorgansisms into the depleted farmland, which have a positive effect on the bacteria- and fungal environment, at the root zone of the plant.

Working principle 2:

Thereby – without adding any artificial fertilizers – the plant gets access to the nutrients nitrate (N), potash (K) and phosphorus (P), which are naturally contained in the soil and air.

Working principle 3:

The organic ingredients of BactoFert act as an additional „superfood“ for the microorganisms and increase the biodiversity of microbes in the soil.

Working principle 4:

The natural mineral zeolite is an optimal carrier for the microorganisms and increases the capability of nutrient storage in the ground.

Working principle 5:

In addition, zeolite binds heavy metals and aother harmful substances, therefor keeping them out of the food cycle.

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