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GeoFert combines the knowlede of the cycles of nature with the requirements of modern, state-of-the-art food production:

Not an increase in the use of fertilizers leads to an increase in yields, but rather a decreased, optimized and natural-oriented use of fertilizer ist he solution for agricultural problems worldwide.

We only use natural ingredients , which are allready contained within the soil. The task is done by bacterial strains, which are or were a natural component of the soil, before it got depleted and exploited. By using special, natural techniques and forms of processing, it has become possible to speed up the cycles of nature and achieve the same results in only a tenth oft he time.

At our testing facility and on our trial fields in the german federal state of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, we have, in cooperation with our agricultural partners, achieved results that proove the effectiveness of our products. See here for enhanced documentation of the results.

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GeoHumat: liquid fertilizer concentrate as additive or leaf treatment.

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The soil-improvement agent BactoFert is the innovation in the field of fertilizers and environmentally friendly soil-regeneration. Universal fertilizer (granulate) for all types of soil and climatic conditions.

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