Can BactoFert be used as the sole fertilizer?
Yes, BactoFert is a soil-assistant agent. This means, the soil is being supported to regenerate and become self-sufficient once again. It supports the natural processes within the soil and the distribution of artificial nutrients can be stopped.

Fertilizer Balance – What nutritional value can be taken into account? Is the factual nutritional value tob e declared in the fertilizer balance?
Yes. It can be taken into account of the fertilizer balance, but only at the homoeopathic dose of 35 gramms per hectar.

Is there a need for additional measures in support of plant growth during the growing phase oft he plant?
No. One time distribution of BactoFert before sowing is sufficiant. The distribution of fertilizer at the beginning, during and at the end oft he growth period oft he plants, can be left out.

Can BactoFert be combined with other mineral fertilizers?
Yes. According to our experiences, farmers have, out of caution, used other mineral fertilizers like nitrate, phosphate and pot ash besides BactoFert during the 1st year. But because of the good results, they put their trust in BactoFert completely, in the 2nd year.

How is BactoFert distributed?
BactoFert is a granulate, which can be brought out with common fertilizer distibutors.

Which dose is needed?
When BactoFert is used as sole fertilizer, it ist o be applied at a dose of 350 Kg per hectar.

How much digestate can be brought out?
According to our guidelines, 15 cubic meters are the best variant of combination. If the amount is higher, the PH-value of the might not be able to stabilize at 6,2 to 6,5 and hence degrade into „sour“.

At which depth has BactoFert to be applied?
BactoFert has to be applied at the root zone of the plant (rhizosphere). The best way is to apply BactFert and the seed together at the same time, during the drilling of seeds. It can also be brought out with a common fertilizer distributor and worked into the soil seperately at a depth of around 15 cm. 

Is it possible to bring out digestate during the 4-6 leaves stadium, when growing corn (using BactoFert)?
Yes, this is actually a highly efficiant method. The curtain of digestate results in an increased water storage capability, a slower nutrient conversion at an increased air permeability.

Does BactoFert contain carbon?
Yes. The difference lies always within the range of 35 to 60 per cent.

On which plants can BactoFert be applied?
BactoFert is an universally applicable soil-improvement agent. It can be used and is fully effective in convetional farming, as well as in fruit and vegetable plantations.

Where can I order BactoFert?
Directly at the GeoFert GmbH. Download and fill in the order form and send it via e-mail to info@geofert.de or via Fax –  03996 – 15 78 764.

If demand increases – does the price too?
We guarantee a fixed price for the next two growth seasons.

I have additional questions, regarding my own agricultural business. Who can help me with those?
Please give us a short call and we will make an appointment for a telephonic consultation. If you wish, we´ll send one of our staff member to you for personal conultation.

What delivery time has to be expected?
We are taking in advance orders for the next fertilizer-period in autumn right now. Short term deliveries are possible after prior consultation. Please call the GeoFert-Hotline for further information.

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