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During my counceling activities, whenever my clients neede enrgy, my recomendation for them was to turn towards mother earth. A quiet place out in the green – kneeling, touching the ground with the hands or just lying on the ground – the calmness comes naturally and also the energy. I have passed this advice, long before I realized, that every living thing we need today, comes from this very soil. It is a living organism which needs care, in order not to die away under our hands.

Mother earth and mother soil are terms which lead our way. Mothers give life and nurture what grows from them. It is our task, to sustain this source of energy, to take care o fit and put it to a good use for all of us.

I would like to, with the help of those who share our beliefs, make a little contribution in order to stop the waisting of any further resources. The aim should be to handle our nature and agricultural lands in a sustainable matter and thereby protect them, as well as to sustain and increase their fertility.

Wolfgang Dietze 12 – 2016


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