“So here too, nature has left it up to the will of man, wether he uses the marvelous gift it gave him, for his own demise or his own good.”

Johann Heinrich von Thünen (1783 – 1850)

Agricultural- and economical scientist, social reformer

Good you are here, because…

… you want to lead your agricultural business towards a secure future.

… you seek to sustain the value of your property.

… you want to secure the existance of your agricultural enterprise and increase your yields.

… you want to meet the new requirements by law without any stress.

In us, you are going to find a partner, which can add a valuable contribution in ordert o reach those goals. With our products you will be able, to once again come closer tot he aproach of Joh. H. v. TH.

Step in, where food production starts!

GeoFert, nature says yes!

Ecological increase of yields

BactoFert and GeoHumat for hobby gardeners

Healthy eating starts in your own garden
GeoFert for hobby gardeners

is in accordance with the guidelines of the:

FIBL list of eco-processing

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Your GeoFert Germany Team from the heart of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern

Advantages of our soil improvement agents


effectiveness in combination with mineral fertilizers


binding of harmful substances




increase of water binding capability

BactoFert helps the soil, to produce the necessary nutrients, by itself, once again. It is suitable for all plants in agriculture.


The working principle of our soil improvement agent

The soil improvement agent BactoFert is the innovation in the field of fertilizers and envirionmetally responsible soil regeneration.
BactoFert is used in conventional agriculture instead of chemical fertilizers.
BactoFert is used in ecological agriculture as effective and highly efficiant biological fertilizer.

BactoFert consists of three ingredients:

  1. 1. Useful microorganisms from the root zone of the plants (rhizossphere)
  2. 2. Organic material
  3. 3. The natural mineral Zeolite/Klinoptilolite

BactoFert introduces useful microorgansisms into the depleted farmland, which have a positive effect on the bacteria- and fungal environment, at the root zone of the plant.

Thereby – without adding any artificial fertilizers – the plant gets access to the nutrients nitrate (N), potash (K) and phosphorus (P), which are naturally contained in the soil and air.

The organic ingredients of BactoFert act as an additional „superfood“ for the microorganisms and increase the biodiversity of microbes in the soil.

The natural mineral zeolite is an optimal carrier for the microorganisms and increases the capability of nutrient storage in the ground.

In addition, zeolite binds heavy metals and aother harmful substances, therefor keeping them out of the food cycle.